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Things to Do in Virginia Beach

    Things to Do in Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach is a wonderful autonomous seaside community in Virginia’s southern region.

    It is primarily a vacation town, and despite its suburban nature, it is Virginia’s most populated city.

    It is located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan region, near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

    It is the city with the world’s longest pleasure beach, according to the Guinness Book of World Records — a hard statistic to surpass!

    In Virginia Beach, there are several locations to visit, ranging from free activities such as parks and beaches to more expensive options such as museums, aquariums, special excursions, and amusement parks.

    Each one has its own unique character that evokes the bright liveliness of such a lovely beachfront town!

    So, where should you go if you’re in the neighbourhood?

    Here is our travel guide to the greatest and most enjoyable things to do in Virginia Beach to help you select which Virginia Beach attractions to visit first.


    Virginia Beach may not be on everyone’s radar when it comes to surfing, but we love it here, and the East Coast Surfing Championships are held there every year.

    For adrenaline seekers and water sports enthusiasts, it’s one of the top things to do in Virginia Beach. Croatan Beach, which is located in Virginia Beach, is one of the most popular surfing beaches in the state.

    Scenic Flights in Virginia

    Virginia Scenic Flights is the only place where you may take a stunning tour from thousands of feet above land. Take flight with VSF for a breathtaking view of the Chesapeake Bay and its environs.

    Pirate Ship Adventures with Captain Jack

    Capt. Jack’s Pirate Ship is a popular Virginia Beach attraction that is sure to satisfy any visitor. It’s guaranteed to be a fun and unique experience, with everything from family-friendly cruises to partying like a genuine pirate on the 21+ and up cruise.

    Tunnel under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

    Make sure to travel via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel if you have a car. It’s a massive bridge that connects Virginia Beach to the Eastern Shore, stretching 17,2 kilometres. This bridge is regarded one of the world’s seven man-made marvels, so don’t miss it! It takes around 25 minutes to cross, and there is a halt along the way where you can take in the scenery and watch the Navy ships depart for the sea.

    Oceanfront in Virginia Beach

    Coming to the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach is surely a favourite pastime, with its sun, surf, and sand. This beach, which boasts a record-breaking length of 3 miles, can easily accommodate the crowds.

    Festival of Fair Trade

    With this festival packed of music, dancing, shopping, and the peace of mind that you’re buying quality items, the Fair Trade Festival honours fair wage and fair labour standards. This is an excellent location for holiday shopping.


    You may also go parasailing in Virginia Beach, which is a fun and exciting sport.

    Because you will be flying with a parachute attached to a speedboat that glides you into the air, offering you a bird’s-eye view over the whole Virginia Beach boardwalk and area, this exhilarating experience might be one of the highlights of your beach trip!

    When booking a parachuting excursion with friends, you may take advantage of many discounts. Local tour companies use trained guides and have all of the required equipment to provide an exciting adventure!

    Lynnhaven Dive Center

    The Lynnhaven Dive Center is a great place to learn to scuba dive if you’ve ever wanted to. You may try out their free introductory course to see whether it’s perfect for you before committing to the full course!

    Cape Henry Lighthouse 

    The Cape Henry Lighthouse was one of the most intriguing lighthouses we’ve ever seen. The fact that it is situated in the centre of an active military post distinguishes it. You’ll need to present identification and have your automobile searched before being allowed to enter a fairly limited road to the lighthouse, which is located within Fort Story Military Base.

    Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours

    Nothing beats witnessing marine life grow in its natural environment. If you have the opportunity to get out on the water, we strongly advise you to do so. Virginia Beach’s longest-running dolphin cruise company, Rudee Flipper Dolphin Tours. They provide 90-minute dolphin-watching trips. Throughout the season, from March to October, sightings are guaranteed.

    From December through February, Ruddee Cruises also provides two-hour whale viewing tours. Humpback whales pass through the area around this season, and you may often witness them breaching in the seas off the east coast.

    State Park of False Cape

    Another thing to do in Virginia Beach is to visit False Cape State Park, which is a park with both vegetation and beach!

    This six-mile stretch of marshes, forests, sand dunes, and unspoiled beaches is a beautiful area for casual riding, hiking, and camping throughout the year.

    It’s also close to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

    False Cape State Park has a very distant air to it, owing to its peaceful area and restricted road access, making it feel a world apart from the rest of Virginia Beach’s economic district.

    This was formerly the home of Native American people, and it is now one of the few unspoiled areas of the Atlantic Coast’s shoreline.

    Ecosystems have been left to their own devices, and isolation has been maximised!

    While visiting False Cape State Park, make a point of stopping through Wash Woods, a once-bustling town with a rich history that now lies in ruins, attracting tourists and visitors.

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