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How much can a travel nurse earn?

    How much can a travel nurse earn?

    As compared to the registered nurses travel nurses can earn more money. Learn more about the pay, benefits, and tax deductions available to travel nurses. Also, determine which states and travel nursing specialties pay the best.

    In our article, you will learn about the magic of a travel nursing career. We will explain to you various sources of income for travel nurses. If you are also looking for a job to cater to all your needs, you can also choose this profession. Let’s start the journey.

    However, aspiring travel nurses should know that living on the road comes with higher personal expenses. Thus the wage rise accounts for living expenses. on average in the healthcare employment marketplace and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). At the same time, RNs earn just under $38.50 an hour. However, aspiring travel nurses should be aware that living on the road comes with higher personal expenses. Thus the wage rise accounts for living expenses.

    Pay for Travel Nursing According to Agency

    Like full-time nursing roles, travel nurse salary varies by agency, allowing R.N.s to shop for the best pay. R.N.s working full-time in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other facilities typically rely on raises or extra schooling to boost their earnings. Those contemplating this position should also research travel nurse take-home compensation.

    Depending on the agency, remuneration varies. For example, some employers pay an hourly base wage plus stipends for accommodation or meals, while others pay a higher hourly rate to cover additional expenses.

    Stipends for Travel Nursing

    Travel nurses must arrange to the house. Travel nurse salary frequently includes a stipend for meals and lodging. Companies may supply or recommend housing for travel nurses. Other employers may consist of wages in hourly compensation or pay them separately.

    Travel nurses are often hired by travel nursing firms and assigned to jobs all around the country where nurses are needed. Because each assignment is unique, travel nurses’ annual earnings can vary greatly. The details of the salary package, the location of the project, and the nursing specialization are all factors to consider.

    Travel nurses make an average salary. The typical travel nurse wage varies a lot depending on where you work. On a 36-hour workweek, these professionals can earn $1,840-$6,340 each week.

    According to Vivian, travel nurses make slightly over $51 an hour on average in the healthcare employment marketplace and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). At the same time, R.N.s earn just under $38.50 an hour.

    Other Benefits for being a travel nurse

    There may be perks for travel R.N.s. But most temporary jobs don’t provide health insurance. Also, travel nurses cannot work for the same agency for too long to be eligible for benefits. Travel nurses also get stipends for living expenses, increased compensation, and possible sign-on incentives. In some cases, benefits might reduce take-home earnings.

    What other perks come with being a travel nurse?

    • Aside from the above pay, travel nurses may receive a bundle of additional benefits.
    • Insurance coverage typically covers health, vision, and dental; however, travel nurses frequently pay a portion of their premiums pre-tax.
    • U.S. Famous retirement plan in the U.S. is the 401(k), commonly available to travel nurses with a substantial employer match.
    • Travel nurses are expected to travel to various regions of the state, country, and even the world. Thus companies frequently pay or even provide a stipend for travel expenses.
    • Due to the high need for flexible travel nurses, many organizations may offer bonuses. Typically, sign-on compensation is given when you accept a job offer, a completion bonus when the job is finished, and a retention bonus to keep you working for the company.
    • Many travel nurses are housed for free. It may contain short-term lodging, but it may also include an apartment in your primary city.
    • Travel nurses must be licensed in all 50 states to practice. Thus their employers will provide free continuing education (CEUs) to help them meet their licensure requirements.

    Travel Nurses’ Best and the Worst States by Payment

    Travel nurse pay varies by state. Employers in need of R.N.s often pay more. In addition, the attractiveness of a place can affect travel nurses’ earnings. Desirable and unpopular sites may pay differently. Similarly, states with a higher cost of living have higher incomes.

    California, New Jersey, the District of Columbia, and Rhode Island paid the most for travel R.N.s in 2019. Practitioners should also evaluate the highest-paying specialty, which may differ by state.

    4 Ways to Boost Travel Nurse Pay

    In addition to earning potential, travel nurses can boost their earnings by choosing high-demand specialties, working unpopular shifts, and placing in need of qualified R.N.s.

    Travel nurses should look at the whole benefits package to see if positions pay enough. For example, high-cost-of-living areas may reduce practitioners’ earnings if stipends do not fully cover costs.

    1. Get a high-demand nursing specialization.

    Qualifying can help travel nurses stand out. Advanced HIV/AIDS care, advanced hospice, and adult health clinical nurse specialists are examples.

    Practitioners should have target population experience and a certificate to acquire the top positions.

    2. Find Paying Jobs.

    Paying shifts are less desirable. Hospitals, for example, may offer overtime compensation between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Travel R.N.s may also want to work holidays. Patient care is often 24-hour in hospitals.

    3. Pay-Richer Zones

    • Travel R.N.s should seek higher-paying positions.
    • A more excellent salary means a higher cost of living.
    • Other places may pay well without the high cost of living.

    4. Gain an Advanced Practice License

    Travel nurses might earn more money by returning to school and completing a master’s or doctorate in nursing. Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) have more skills, more responsibility, and can manage. The BLS reports that APRNs make an average of $117,670.


    Today, we have discussed that how much a Travel Nurse makes. After reading this article, you have also become aware of the critical benefits of becoming a travel nurse. If you want to read more interesting topics like this, please don’t forget to subscribe to our website and share this article with your friends and relatives. We will meet soon with another exciting topic.


    How much does traveling nurses make?

    Travel nurse salaries have soared since the COVID-19 epidemic. However, geographic location and specialty might affect income potential. For example, travel R.N.s may work 46 weeks a year and make around $1,840 per week, or $84,700 annually.


    Travel nurses often earn more than paid R.N.s since they frequently work in areas with nursing shortages. Travel nurse agencies also pay by the hour and include accommodation and meal stipends.

    Is travel nursing profitable?

    Salary R.N.s often earn less than travel nurses. But practitioners should also examine their lifestyles. For example, some nurses may not believe the extra pay outweighs the time at home, while others may find the income adequate and like the travel chances.

    What about travel nurses?

    Travel nurses work hourly and are generally assigned to temporary jobs. Travel nurses should expect to work for 8-26 weeks. Most travel nurses take vacations between jobs.

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