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How Long Do Skunks Live

    How Long Do Skunks Live

    In the event that you come across a skunk on your property or catch a whiff of its unforgettable scent, you may wonder how long your new four-legged friend will be able to survive on your property alone. Generally, skunks live in the wild for two to four years before they die. However, if one skunk has found your property to be appealing, it is likely that another will take its place even if it dies eventually.

    In the wild, how long do skunks live?

    It takes an average of three years to live in the wild for a skunk. In their first year of life, the majority of skunks will succumb to their injuries. Predators, human activity, health, and the local climate all have an impact on the lifespan of an adult skunk.

    You Should Seek Professional Assistance If You Find A Skunk.

    Even though skunks are an important part of a healthy ecosystem, they can be extremely destructive to your home or business. In the best case scenario, the holes they create in your landscaping are unsightly; in the worst case scenario, they compromise the structural integrity of your outdoor structures. Because of the food they consume, it is difficult to garden or even maintain a clean garbage canister. Lastly and most importantly is the constant threat of you, your pets, and your property being sprayed with chemicals.

    A skunk will remain on your property for an average of two to four years if you do nothing to remove it from it. In contrast, if the factors that initially drew the first skunk continue to exist, there is a good chance that another skunk will move in once the first one dies or is killed. It puts you and your family at risk for contracting serious diseases if you try to capture the skunk.

    Lastly, a word about

    A wild skunk has an average lifespan of three years. Considering that the majority of skunks will die within their first year of life, this is a low figure. When a skunk reaches this age, he or she will have lived for approximately 7 years.

    The ability of a skunk to find food, avoid predators, and maintain good health are all important factors in determining how long it will live.

    Skunks’ ability to survive is greatly affected by the presence of humans. If you want to help the skunk population live longer lives, think about how you can reduce your impact on it.

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